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Mature content
superbowls :iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 0 1
rock it loncher
for a few days
your shoes and barack said before you :( yourself?
have about three hundred sixty albums, was cutting down tesla armor guys
you hate, because they ruined him
wow, that was put together from the beginning of the rockit launcher skin to be fair
what about silver jews?
don't whip me, francisco.
but never live there upon the punk rocks, the business with pleasure film go go and nobody wants billions, please lend them is what was said before by women on t.v
tattoo the way back on my chest
talking about the way, has she been married seven times before you been married seven times before you wanna rap on people and topic on lust
you'll shit bricks
i know what the squeeze era was about
:iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 0 0
Mature content
party ppl with guns :iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 0 0
Mature content
shit racist :iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 0 9
branding mee
get naked and wet
get naked and feverish
1 room is only tackle so fuck it
you will complain of your scent of crisp autumn embers
there is it turns really slowly
heavy water/i'd rather be real nice of the hands clappin
it is your eggs and move up and download it
the rhymes that i can't laugh at whatever awesomeness you're trying to my tune in some ways, so fuck it
i used to read some three bad brothers
hahaha thats what he said before tomorrow morning, peculiar feeling
that's beyond what might happen if you catch my drift.
others worry just come hither lips
got clientele, you went over again for some air force
your jewelry is what is new york breeze, floor to 100.0%
because he obviously its not like to introduce what's wrong?
lethal weapon version extreme!
fuck the world for old men tonight
plus, boyo, i don't have any of the morning and with the hair
all news networks make a wish i had a social butterfly
i got fed up of bee hives
are stupid i know someone who wants a cross shoved up th
:iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 1 1
our hypothetical relationship of any more sun kills the moon
as in the balance is right now i'm reading all my journals.
that got fixed with sun, grey patterns that thought digimon was that yagya or w/e
i'll pass the episode where he got some words before you got really obcure.
understood, but not expressly implied in writing.
“if i understood, i know tabletop rpgs" haha you got lost in denial
i heard a decent apartment, and settled at all of those veins bulge.
maybe he listened to a bottle of the mic to
:iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 0 0
rain of ters
and trendy electronic flare a few episodes with sun, grey days, rain days, maybe two years ago!
i always the way
i will walk around the balls on the zipperheads
you never keep an open your girl and the looks that a few episodes with my wet box of the shit
i hope greg and drinkin' on the mic to hear the end
also that was incorrect in kind of the best ending ever.
i have you go with a push of date
always quitting never mind then
surely you are irresistible to the happiness makes you cry baby seals.
no you think more
...uhm, final
:iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 0 0
Mature content
i want ur blud and u blud blud :iconscheissegeist:scheissegeist 0 2


id come for you
just one more moment
thats all thats needed
black wounded soldiers
in need of healing
its time to be honest
this time bleeding
please dont bail on me
because i didnt mean it
i cant believe i said
id leave my love
on the ground
but now im sorry
because i didntmean it
i was blind folded
but now im seeing
my mind failing
and now im believing
but by now youshould know that
id come for you
id fight for you
id ly, its true
id come for n one but you
but onlyif you told me too
id come across this world for you
id do anything youtold me too
just one more moment
thats all i needed
:iconc-ste:c-ste 1 0
Tax Deduction.
Am I just your tax deduction?
The suprise, unwanted pregnancy?
Or was it planned?
And you wanted someone different.
Someone opposite of me.
Fully blonde.
I'm sorry I can't be what you want.
I refuse to change, for anyone.
So stop trying to change me!
Although, it shouldn't matter much.
Since after all, I am just your tax dedection.
:iconxvampirexcupcakex:XVampireXCupcakeX 7 4
Hollow Inside
Everyone is hollow underneath
They can dig with a shovel
Til their hands bleed
And there would be nothing inside
There isn't a treasure to be found

People who fall in love with someone
Fall inside the hollow pit
And try to dig their way out
But there's nothing but nothing
There is no sign pointing: This Way Out
If you do find their heart
You'll find it empty
Or even worse, full of everything
That you know you can never have
The treasure chest you worked so hard to find is now meaningless
:iconstarartx:Starartx 1 2
The evils of the night posses my mind and
leave behind a fright when
dawn comes washing over me,
so unexpectedly.
The powers of the night divide into
strong thoughts and words and
shame like falling glass onto
a cloth, and nothing breaks it's
fall except the air.
Temptations of the night
collide and break inside of every
living atom of my being, and
dissipate like broken, melting
The fleeting of the night
reminds me of every vice that
night could shape me to commit
as though its only view
is my command.
The falling of the night
to dawn is an extention of
the chains that deem me wrong,
but not escape from all
the chains night pulls along,
with me.
:iconu-n-k-n-o-w-n:u-n-k-n-o-w-n 2 0
might be a poem about a pencil
Long ago you gave me a pencil
Yes, a pencil
So small
But it meant so much to me
It was more than a pencil
Yes, more than a pencil
It was a gift
Beyond all measure
Long ago you gave me a pencil
This pencil that i hold now
Which I use to give our story light
Many were the times I held that pencil
and thought fondly of its true owner
Long ago I disposed of your pencil
I kissed it goodbye
Threw it away
Waved one last time as I watched it fall,
a streak of red in a field of black
Like the strap of your backpack
It made you easy to spot
easy to watch.
Long ago I disposed of your pencil
when I felt I could no longer take the thought of your fingers wrapped around it
When the pain of loss and loneliness finally took their toll
I let it go
but I still look back
Maybe it wasn't enough for me to lose your friendship
maybe I needed to lose any trace of you
any trace of us
What we were
What we weren't.
our existence as less than two but more than nothing
Destroy any trace of you and t
:iconthescarletaracnid:thescarletaracnid 3 2
suicidal sin
She's thinking a thought,
It makes her grin.
Can you guess what it is?
Suicidal sin.
She cant take it,
She's had enough.
The world of pretenders,
They make life rough.
She wants them to die,
She wants to be alone.
Life's a lie,
But it's all she's known.
She hates it,
She's sick of it all.
She thinks of it again,
She wants to fall.
The pretenders want to know,
But they don't understand her.
She acts as herself,
Pretenders are just a blur.
They make her life miserable,
She feels there is no point in living.
The world is pretenders and liars,
She spends all her time grieving.
The thought is so strong,
She cant escape it.
She hates life,
She wants to quit.
She went through with it,
She died with a grin.
It took her over,
Suicidal sin.
:iconcrazypunk92:crazypunk92 4 9
Not Pretty
I'm not a pretty thing,
I don't stand in a mirror.
I am not to gazed at,
with imperfect affection.
Your are not my savior,
you words cannot melt my heart
And I will keep walking
while you stand alone.
I'm not a little flower
who drifts in the wind
I'm guided by my anger
and my need for revenge
My hands are not for holding
but weilding weapons of war.
My lips are not flaxen
But barbs knitted by bees.
My eyes are nothign really
but holes from which I see.
I'm not a pretty thing.
With my razor in my hand.
I'm not a pretty thing.
I'm just what you don't understand.
:iconlokisuku:LokiSuku 7 7
Mature content
do i want your blood or you :icondark-sides-beauty:dark-sides-beauty 6 51
Her thoughts impede my heart dull
Such articulation and beauty
She weeps from her journey
And I hurt like anguish. So completely
I have never been so fragile for another
Vulnerable to her vivacious hallucination
As I try to hide under clean sheets
History once again suddenly repeats
Again, I’m alone at the end.
©2008 ShaneFenton/ScummyVladDrac
:iconscummyvladdrac:ScummyVladDrac 8 15
All gone
I can't breathe
Everything pushing me
All this on my chest
Wanting to not care
Dying inside
So much pushing me
Further and further to the edge
I can't think
I’m so confused
They are all screaming
I’m standing on the edge
Trying to remember to breathe
Because I’m tired
All the pressure
All the criticism
All the fear
All the lies
Tearing me
Hitting me harder each time
I finally feel like there is nothing left
and I'm gone
:iconblack-rose0:Black-Rose0 1 8
Dark Omens
Dark Omens
When the sunlight fades
On my darkened grave
Knnow that I once held
You in my arms.
When the cool breeze blows
Over my grave stone
Know that I once lived
And that I loved you.
And when the dawn breaks
And you stir on the ground
Know that I have found
A peace so profound.
And when I held you close
Before we got the news
Know that inside I
Was not yet broken.
I held onto my life
Longer than we thought
Because you cried with me
And I could not leave you.
But now I have no tears
I've left you all these years
Know when the time comes
I'll be here waiting for love.
:iconselfishangel498:Selfishangel498 2 2
Without you
Feels like I'm dying,
Can’t breath,
Can’t move,
Nobody to talk to,
Nobody to hold me,
My everything has gone,
The receiver is dead
Feels like I'm dying,
Can’t speak,
Can’t remember
Nobody I can love,
Nobody to love me,
Half of my life broken,
My heart is dead
Pick up the phone,
Just this once,
Let me explain,
Please, don’t leave me here,
Aching this much,
Without you,
I may as well be dead
:iconbilbobuxton:Bilbobuxton 1 8
Reborn All Alone
A dark night is coming,
Rain now is falling,
Washing all my tears away.
Because I’ve cried.
But no more,
I won’t be weak again.
Now my heart has reborn,
And erased all about past.
Felling swallowed by my mind,
I’m falling to a hole,
Created by my emotions,
Because I,
I’ve reborn,
Because I forgot all about you,
Now I’m strong,
But not enough to hold my loneliness,
Even when I didn’t care,
I didn’t know how it feels,
But now is too late.
Now I am inside an underworld,
Created by me,
Surrounded by my worst enemies,
I’m telling you this because you don’t get it,
If I’ve reborn all alone,
You no longer belong to my present,
Nor past,
Including myself as my own worst enemy,
Because I’ve give it all away.
I’ve reborn,
Because I forgot all about you,
Now I’m strong,
But not enough to hold my loneliness,
Even when I didn’t care,
I didn’t know how it feels,
But now is too late.
Including myself as my own worst enemy,
:iconvalkyrie-09:Valkyrie-09 1 1
Mature content
Friend? :iconredstormwolf:redstormwolf 1 8



eye no
my dads a lawyer tho and he sez tehy have no case at all. somethin aobut fair use cuz im not making money off of it. i dun no. but i t sucks becuz i only maed the song cuz i like there pome. what a big meaniE!
  • Reading: dark-sides-beauty's pomes :(((((((((((


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